Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Advent Conspiracy

This website might interest some of you.

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Katherine Chi said...

I don't mean any offense in what I am going to say.

I have mixed feelings about these charity organizations that attempt to "bring water" to impoverished countries. When I pause to consider the circumstances, I come to some troubling thoughts: How did these people survive thousands of years if they only had access to unclean water? What happened historically that resulted in these conditions, and why are they unable to overcome their situation?

In Westernized nations, we are made familiar with the superficial image of the starving, diseased African child, and though this image invokes pity, most people still lack interest in learning of the real historical and social causes of these problems. (...We know that if we look it in the face, we will have to take responsibility for the brutality, ignorance, and selfishness behind Africa's "colonization"?) To many Westerners, it's a simple thing to throw money or food or water at a problem; the truth is, these impoverished people continue to be sustained by charity efforts while lacking any real contribution towards infrastructure or maintaining basic societal functions.

And even though I complain about this thing, I can provide no real solution to the troubles abroad. However, there are some convincing arguments of the social problems caused by continued Westernization of these areas.